Our robots help you

Quali AI builds intelligent robots that uses vision and force feedback to complete tasks in manufacturing and packaging facilities. Our robots are turnkey and fully integrated with the software, cameras, sensors and tools required to get your tasks done. From produce to packaged goods to machined parts, our robots are equipped to identify and handle a wide range of objects.

Clean and Safe

Our robots are safety and cleanroom compliant. With built in force sensors, they stop immediately upon contact with unexpected forces like human workers. Our robots are certified by authorized safety engineers before deployment.


Have your robot perform a bin picking task today, and a packaging task tomorrow. We make sure your robots are equiped to perform the tasks you request, so you can flexibly deploy them according to your business needs and customer demands.

Cost effective

Reduce your direct labour costs and associated operating expenses. Increase your operational capacity by consolidating valuable floor space, and increasing throughput. Relieve workers from repetitive, non-ergonomic tasks and reduce injuries.



Our applications team will visit your site to identify all tasks which our robots can assist with. We work with you to define your goals and requirements for each task and recommend purchase or rental options. We will present an assessment of the cost savings, throughput, space or waste savings, and other benefits our robots can bring to your operations.


Based on your unique task requirements, our team will design and build turnkey robots equipped with the knowledge and tools to successfully perform your tasks. This includes integration of the necessary object and environment perception skills and all hardware components such as robotic arm, end of arm tool, cameras, and other devices.


Once built, we will install and deploy the robots at your facility. We provide training for your staff on how to operate the robots. We remotely monitor the performance of the robots and use the data to proactively provide maintenance and support and promptly diagnose potential problems.


Below are a few examples of what our robots can do for you.

Bin Pick

Pick products randomly arranged in a bin or crate and place them on a conveyor, another bin, or specified packaging.


Sort by product class, colour, or size. Our robot identifies the item and uses active spatial reasoning to complete the task.


Pack eaches into packaging and packages into cases. Palletize boxes onto crates or depalletize onto a conveyor.

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