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Fully integrated turn-key robotic solutions
powered by artificial intelligence.

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New Brain. Old Brawn.

Quali AI builds powerful General Artificial Intelligence software that enable robots to do what they can't do today. Industrial and collaborative robots alone can only operate in highly structured environments blindly, without the ability to dynamically perceive and make judgements about the task at hand. Our fully integrated solutions enable robots to see and think, allowing them to perform a wealth of physical tasks that require dynamic response.

Integrated Solutions


Use robots to autonomously pick and stow products from and to shelves for direct-to-consumer orders. Robots can also be assigned to individual tasks such as order consolidation or sorter induction and tending.


From food and beverage to household goods, our robots are equipped to handle a wide range of packaging tasks. Our robots are robust and capable of manipulating irregular, deformable, reflective, and overlapping objects.


Unlock robotics for unstructured manufacturing use cases where a wide range of different parts ar handled. No need to worry about pre-arranging parts in designated positions or orientations.

Increase efficiency

Robots perform at faster speeds, enabling higher throughputs within the same amount of time. Improve the quality and accuracy of your operations with consistent and predictable results.

Decrease costs

Increase your bottom line by reducing your direct labour costs and associated operating expenses. Relieve workers from repetitive, non-ergonomic tasks and reduce workplace injuries.

Increase capacity

Do more with less space by decreasing your operational footprint. The flexibility of our robots allow you to seamlessly scale up or down to meet the demands of your business.

Robot that fits

Your facility is unique. We work with you to determine which robot is best fit to accomplish your tasks and work within your facility. The robots accommodate to your existing facility so no reconfiguration is required. We integrate our General Artificial Intelligence software with our robotics partner’s hardware to deliver a fully integrated solution that works for your operation.

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